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Trail along the north shore
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If you want to get "up close and personal" with the Rupert River at these rapids, there is a short trail that runs along the north shore of the Rupert River. To get to it, park at the rest area, cross over the bridge, and locate the stairs leading down to the trail from the right-hand side of the road. The trail goes upriver for a few hundred yards. It used to go farther, but a forest fire here in 2002 destroyed much of the area that the trail runs through. Only one viewing platform was spared - the first one. Past here the trail is officially closed. However, you can probably pick your way, sometimes with difficulty, through the charred trees to explore farther upriver.

I have presented quite a few photographs and movies, as these rapids will be greatly diminished after 2007.

Here is a map of the trail. Note that the trail is only open to "Terrasse D'Observation" number "2". The rest area is indicated on this map with a number "1".


Here's the start of the trail - go down the stairs.

For the first little bit the trail runs through a normal northern forest.

Thick moss carpets the forest floor.

But the trail soon reaches the area that the fire affected. It must've been a very hot fire, as the trees were completely killed.

As you walk through the burned-over areas, you will see a number of plants growing up from the charred ruins of the forest.

Primary among these are Fireweed, shown here.


You will also see Labrador Tea and Sweet Coltsfoot, among plants.

You can see the rest area across the river.

After a short hike you come to the first viewing platform (this is also the only one since the fire).

This sign is posted at the platform (French only)

But all this seems to be merely the backdrop for the main attraction: the rapids

Here is a panoramic shot of the rapids. The horizon is curved a bit at the edges due to the nature of this type of shot, and there's a little bit of other distortions in the photo. This is actually four separate photos blended together.
The following photo was taken standing right at the water's edge at the base of the rapids. It's almost scary standing here ... you feel like the river can overwhelm you at any moment. If you decide to climb down to the edge of the river, please be very careful. If you slip and fall in you may be done for.


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