Canoeing the Rupert River

A note or two about the various rapids along the Rupert River

Rapids names: Most names have been in use for hundreds of years. A. P. Low, the very first man to document and survey the area between 1888 & 1895 said that the names "were always there".

  • Km305: The Gorge
  • Km290: Nemao (Sturgeon) Rapids
  • Km235: Island Rapid
  • Km225: Chenobi (Long Rapid)
  • Km105: Oatmeal Rapids (at the James Bay Road)
  • Km98: White Beaver Rapid (Wapamiskush)
  • Km88 to 75: The Fours
  • Km60: The Cat Rapid
  • Km45: The Bear Rapid
  • Km42: Plum Pudding Rapids
  • Km30: Smoky Hills Rapids

The rapids of the Rupert River are not to be trifled with or approached with anything but caution and respect. Some of them will quickly kill you.


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