Virtual Tour
as seen from the James Bay Road


Thanks for stopping in to have a look at the Rupert River. In less than three years (2007) this magnificent wild river will be diverted northward and the spectacular rapids featured here will be no more, thanks to Hydro Quebec!!

The James Bay Road is where most people experience the raw power of the Rupert River. This Road crosses the Rupert just downstream from a massive set of spectacular rapids. There's a rest area with a viewing platform just off the road. The bridge itself also provides an excellent place from which to view the rapids.

The rapids just east (upstream) of the bridge are absolutely awesome. Commonly known as the Oatmeal Rapids, they're called Kaumwakweuch Rapids on topo maps. If you're traveling up here, then definitely stop and have a look. They are, by far, the most awe-inspiring rapids I have ever seen. If you want to get up close and personal, there is also a short trail that runs along the north shore of the Rupert River, which brings you much closer to the rapids.



But, if you can't get up to the Rupert River, let this website bring the Rupert to you! There are lots of photographs here, plus movies of these spectacular rapids. Some of these were taken quite close to the rapids, in order to convey the raw power and strength of this river. This is somewhat of a virtual tour of the Rupert River at the James Bay Road crossing.

Unfortunately, every time I have visited the Rupert River, it has been overcast! Hopefully next summer I will get back up there when it is sunny to properly capture this spectacle.

I am presenting a rather large number of photographs and movies here in order to preserve the memory of these rapids.

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Here is a 1:250,000 topo map of the area where the James Bay Road crosses the Rupert River


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